Cute Tiny Baby Possums

Image of eight possums litter, all hissing
The cutest picture of tiny baby possum
Photo of very young newborn infant possum baby


  1. My dog just attacked a possum. I checked it (in the dark, with a flashlight), and saw the belly moving. She was with babies. As I tried to take the babies from her pouch, she began to breathe. She was really torn up, but I picked her up and put her in a tray and carried her to my workshop. I checked on her every 20 minutes or so, and after about an hour, discovered she had died. My wife came home and we together managed to pull 7 babies from her pouch. They are now in a box in our bathtub in our master bath, being kept warm with socks of rice (microwaved for a minute) and hot water bottles. They are being hand fed every hour with a tiny eye-dropper of "cat milk replacer". So far so good. Not that anyone is listening, but I'll post updates as necessary.

  2. Clayton - how are they doing now?

  3. Same thing here except the mom was hit by a car and we had ten but two died right away. I have read what should be done to help them survive and all websites suggest giving them to a wildlife rehabilitator but there are none in my area. So we became adoptive parents of eight and are doing our best to help these guys make it. I would love to share info and tips and since Im newer at this than you would love any advice you can give. Thanks and Good Luck, Dana